Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 628 (Mid-course)

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#628. Mid-course. -- N. middle course, midcourse; mean &c. 29 middle &c. 68; juste milieu[Fr], mezzo termine[It], golden mean, </ariston metron/>[obs][Grk], aurea mediocritas[Lat].

straight &c. (direct) 278 straight course, straight path; short cut, cross cut; great circle sailing.

neutrality; half measure, half and half measures; compromise.

V. keep in a middle course, preserve a middle course, preserve an even course, go straight &c. (direct) 278.

go halfway, compromise, make a compromise.

Adj. straight &c. (direct) 278.

Phr. medium tenuere beati[Lat].