Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 29 (Mean)

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#29. Mean. -- N. mean, average; median, mode; balance, medium, mediocrity, generality; golden mean &c. (mid-course) 628; middle &c. 68; compromise &c. 774; middle course, middle state; neutrality.

mediocrity, least common denominator.

V. split the difference; take the average &c. n.; reduce to a mean &c. n.; strike a balance, pair off. Adj. mean, intermediate; middle &c. 68; average; neutral.

mediocre, middle-class; commonplace &c. (unimportant) 643.

Adv. on an average, in the long run; taking one with another, taking all things together, taking it for all in all; communibus annis[Lat], in round numbers.

Phr. medium tenuere beati[Lat].