Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 578 (Elegance)

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#578. Elegance. -- N. elegance, purity, grace, ease; gracefulness, readiness &c. adj.; concinnity[obs], euphony, numerosity[obs]; Atticism[obs], classicalism[obs], classicism.

well rounded periods, well turned periods, flowing periods; the right word in the right place; antithesis &c. 577.


V. point an antithesis, round a period.

Adj. elegant, polished, classical, Attic, correct, Ciceronian, artistic; chaste, pure, Saxon, academical[obs].

graceful, easy, readable, fluent, flowing, tripping; unaffected, natural, unlabored[obs]; mellifluous; euphonious, euphemism, euphemistic; numerose|, rhythmical.

felicitous, happy, neat; well put, neatly put, well expressed, neatly expressed