Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 562 (Word)

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#562. Word. -- N. word, term, vocable; name &c. 564; phrase &c. 566; root, etymon; derivative; part of speech &c. (grammar) 567; ideophone[obs].

dictionary, vocabulary, lexicon, glossary; index, concordance; provided by; gradus[Lat], delectus[Lat].

etymology, derivation; glossology[obs], terminology orismology[obs]; paleology &c. (philology) 560[obs].

lexicography; glossographer &c. (scholar) 492; lexicologist, verbarian[obs].

Adj. verbal, literal; titular, nominal. conjugate[Similarly derived], paronymous[obs]; derivative.

Adv. verbally &c. adj.; verbatim &c. (exactly) 494.

Phr. " the artillery of words" [Swift].