Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 566 (Phrase)

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#566. Phrase. -- N. phrase, expression, set phrase; sentence, paragraph; figure of speech &c. 521; idiom, idiotism[obs]; turn of expression; style.

paraphrase &c. (synonym) 522; periphrase &c. (circumlocution) 573 motto &c. (proverb) 496[obs]. phraseology &c. 569.

V. express, phrase; word, word it; give words to, give expression to; voice; arrange in words, clothe in words, put into words, express by words; couch in terms; find words to express; speak by the card; call, denominate, designate, dub.

Adj. expressed &c. v.; idiomatic.

Adv. in round terms, in set terms, in good set terms, set terms; in set phrases.