Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 561 (Letter)

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#561. Letter. -- N. letter; character; hieroglyphic &c. (writing) 590; type &c. (printing) 591; capitals; digraph, trigraph; ideogram, ideograph; majuscule, minuscule; majuscule, minuscule; alphabet, ABC[obs], abecedary[obs], christcross-row.

consonant, vowel; diphthong, triphthong[Gram]; mute, liquid, labial, dental, guttural. syllable; monosyllable, dissyllable[obs], polysyllable; affix, suffix.

spelling, orthograph[obs]; phonography[obs], phonetic spelling; anagrammatism[obs], metagrammatism[obs]. cipher, monogram, anagram; doubleacrostic[obs].

V. spell.

Adj. literal; alphabetical, abecedarian; syllabic; majuscular[obs], minuscular[obs]; uncial &c. (writing) 590.