Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 591 (Printing)

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#591. Printing. -- N. printing; block printing, type- printing; plate printing &c. 558[engraving]; the press &c. (publication) 531; composition.

print, letterpress, text; context, note, page, column.

typography; stereotype, electrotype, aprotype[obs]; type, black letter, font, fount; pi, pie; capitals &c. (letters) 561; brevier[obs], bourgeois, pica &c.

boldface, capitals, caps., catchword; composing-frame, composing room, composing rule, composing stand, composing stick; italics, justification, linotype, live matter, logotype; lower case, upper case; make-up, matrix, matter, monotype[obs], point system: 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6, 7, 8 point, etc.; press room, press work; reglet[obs], roman; running head, running title; scale, serif, shank, sheet work, shoulder, signature, slug, underlay.

folio &c. (book) 593; copy, impression, pull, proof, revise; author's proof, galley proof, press proof; press revise.

printer, compositor, reader; printer's devil copyholder.

V. print; compose; put to press, go to press; pass through the press, see through the press; publish &c. 531; bring out; appear in print, rush into print; distribute, makeup, mortise, offset, overrun, rout.

Adj. printed &c. v.; in type; typographical &c. n.; solid in galleys.