Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 520 (Having a double sense Equivocalness)

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#520. [Having a double sense] Equivocalness.-- N. equivocalness &c adj.; double meaning &c. 516; ambiguity, double entente, double entendre[Fr], pun, paragram[obs], calembour[obs], quibble, equivoque[Fr], anagram; conundrum &c (riddle) 533; play on words, word play &c. (wit) 842; homonym, homonymy[Gram]; amphiboly[obs], amphibology[obs]; ambilogy[obs], ambiloquy|.

Sphinx, Delphic oracle.

equivocation &c. (duplicity) 544; white lie, mental reservation &c. (concealment) 528; paltering.

V. be -equivocal &c. adj.; have two meanings &c. 516; equivocate &c. (alter) 544.

Adj. equivocal, ambiguous, amphibolous[obs], homonymous[obs]; double-tongued &c. (lying) 544; enigmatical, indeterminate.

Phr. on the one hand, on the other hand.