Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 516 (Idea to be conveyed)

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#516. [Idea to be conveyed.] Meaning. [Thing signified.] -- N. meaning; signification, significance; sense, expression; import, purport; force; drift, tenor, spirit, bearing, coloring; scope.

[important part of the meaning] substance; gist, essence, marrow, spirit &c. 5.

matter; subject, subject matter; argument, text, sum and substance.

general meaning, broad meaning, substantial meaning, colloquial meaning, literal meaning, plain meaning, simple meaning, natural meaning, unstrained meaning, true &c. (exact) 494 meaning, honest &c. 543 meaning, prima facie &c. (manifest) 525 meaning[Lat]; letter of the law.

literally; after acceptation.

synonym; implication, allusion &c. (latency) 526; suggestion &c. (information) 527; figure of speech &c. 521; acceptation &c. (interpretation) 522.

V. mean, signify, express; import, purport; convey, imply, breathe, indicate, bespeak, bear a sense; tell of, speak of; touch on; point to, allude to; drive at; involve &c. (latency) 526; declare &c. (affirm) 535.

understand by &c. (interpret) 522.

Adj. meaning &c. v.; expressive, suggestive, allusive; significant, significative[obs], significatory[obs]; pithy; full of meaning, pregnant with meaning.

declaratory &c. 535; intelligible &c. 518; literal; synonymous; tantamount &c. (equivalent) 27; implied &c. (latent) 526; explicit &c. 525.

Adv. to that effect; that is to say &c. (being interpreted) 522.