Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 511 (Prediction)

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#511. Prediction.-- N. prediction, announcement; program, programme &c. (plan) 626[Brit]; premonition &c. (warning) 668; prognosis, prophecy, vaticination, mantology[obs], prognostication, premonstration|; augury, auguration|; ariolation|, hariolation|; foreboding, aboding[obs]; bodement[obs], abodement[obs]; omniation|, omniousness[obs]; auspices, forecast; omen &c. 512; horoscope, nativity; sooth[obs], soothsaying; fortune telling, crystal gazing; divination; necromancy &c. 992.

[Divination by the stars] astrology[obs], horoscopy[obs], judicial astrology1[obs].

[obs] adytum[Place of prediction].

prefiguration[obs], prefigurement; prototype, type.

[person who predicts] oracle &c. 513.

V. predict, prognosticate, prophesy, vaticinate, divine, foretell, soothsay, augurate[obs], tell fortunes; cast a horoscope, cast a nativity; advise; forewarn &c. 668.

presage, augur, bode; abode, forebode; foretoken, betoken; prefigure, preshow[obs]; portend; foreshow[obs], foreshadow; shadow forth, typify, pretypify[obs], ominate[obs], signify, point to.

usher in, herald, premise, announce; lower.

hold out expectation, raise expectation, excite expectation, excite hope; bid fair, promise, lead one to expect; be the precursor &c 64.

[predict by mathematical or statistical means from past experience] extrapolate, project.

Adj. predicting &cv.; predictive, prophetic; fatidic[obs], fatidical[obs]; vaticinal, oracular, fatiloquent[obs], haruspical, Sibylline; weatherwise[obs].

ominous, portentous, augurous[obs], augurial, augural; auspicial[obs], auspicious; prescious[obs], monitory, extispicious[obs], premonitory, significant of, pregnant with, bit with the fate of.

Phr. "coming events cast their shadows before" [Campbell]; dicamus bona verba[Lat]; "there buds the promise of celestial worth" [Young].

[1] The following terms, expressive of different forms of divination, have been collected from various sources, and are here given as a curious illustration of bygone superstitions:-

Divination by oracles, Theomancy[obs]; by the Bible, Bibliomancy; by ghosts, Psychomancy[obs]; by crystal gazing, Crystallomancy[obs]; by shadows or manes, Sciomancy; by appearances in the air, Aeromancy[obs], Chaomancy[obs]; by the stars at birth, Genethliacs; by meteors, Meteoromancy[obs]; by winds, Austromancy[obs]; by sacrificial appearances, Aruspicy (or Haruspicy)[obs], Hieromancy[obs], Hieroscopy[obs]; by the entrails of animals sacrificed, Extispicy[obs], Hieromancy[obs]; by the entrails of a human sacrifice, Anthropomancy[obs]; by the entrails of fishes, Ichthyomancy[obs]; by sacrificial fire, Pyromancy[obs]; by red-hot iron, Sideromancy[obs]; by smoke from the altar, Capnomancy[obs]; by mice, Myomancy[obs]; by birds, Orniscopy[obs], Ornithomancy[obs]; by a cock picking up grains, Alectryomancy (or Alectromancy)[obs]; by fishes, Ophiomancy[obs]; by herbs, Botanomancy[obs]; by water, Hydromancy[obs]; by fountains, Pegomancy[obs]; by a wand, Rhabdomancy; by dough of cakes, Crithomancy[obs]; by meal, Aleuromancy[obs], Alphitomancy[obs]; by salt, Halomancy[obs]; by dice, Cleromancy[obs]; by arrows, Belomancy[obs]; by a balanced hatchet, Axinomancy[obs]; by a balanced sieve, Coscinomancy[obs]; by a suspended ring, Dactyliomancy[obs]; by dots made at random on paper, Geomancy[obs]; by precious stones, Lithomancy[obs]; by pebbles, Pessomancy[obs]; by pebbles drawn from a heap, Psephomancy[obs]; by mirrors, Catoptromancy[obs]; by writings in ashes, Tephramancy[obs]; by dreams, Oneiromancy[obs]; by the hand, Palmistry, Chiromancy; by nails reflecting the sun's rays, Onychomancy[obs]; by finger rings, Dactylomancy[obs]; by numbers, Arithmancy[obs]; by drawing lots, Sortilege[obs]; by passages in books, Stichomancy[obs]; by the letters forming the name of the person, Onomancy[obs], Nomancy; by the features, Anthroposcopy[obs]; by the mode of laughing, Geloscopy[obs]; by ventriloquism, Gastromancy[obs]; by walking in a circle, Gyromancy[obs]; by dropping melted wax into water, Ceromancy[obs]; by currents, Bletonism; by the color and peculiarities of wine, Oenomancy[obs].