Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 497 (Absurdity)

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#497. Absurdity. -- N. absurdity, absurdness &c. adj.; imbecility &c. 499; alogy|, nonsense, utter nonsense; paradox, inconsistency; stultiloquy[obs], stultiloquence[obs]; nugacity[obs].

blunder, muddle, bull; Irishism|!, Hibernicism|!; slipslop[obs]; anticlimax, bathos; sophism &c. 477.

farce, galimathias[obs], amphigouri[obs], rhapsody; farrago &c (disorder) 59; betise[Fr]; extravagance, romance; sciamachy[obs].

sell, pun, verbal quibble, macaronic[obs].

jargon, fustian, twaddle, gibberish &c (no meaning) 517; exaggeration &c 549; moonshine, stuff; mare's nest, quibble, self-delusion.

vagary, tomfoolery, poppycock, mummery, monkey trick, boutade[Fr], escapade.

V. play the fool &c. 499; talk nonsense, parler a tort et a travess[Fr]; battre la campagne[Fr][obs]; </ hanemolia bazein/>; be - absurd &c. adj.

Adj. absurd, nonsensical, preposterous, egregious, senseless, inconsistent, ridiculous, extravagant, quibbling; self-annulling, self- contradictory; macaronic[obs], punning.

foolish &c. 499; sophistical &c. 477; unmeaning &c. 517; without rhyme or reason; fantastic.

Int. fiddlededee! pish! pho[obs]! "in the name of the Prophet--figs!" [Horace Smith].

Phr. credat Judaeus Apella [Lat][Horace]; tell it to the marines.