Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 478 (Demonstration)

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#478. Demonstration. -- N. {ant. 479} demonstration, proof, rigorous proof; conclusiveness &c. adj.; apodeixis[obs], apodixis[obs], probation, comprobation|.

logic of facts &c. (evidence) 467; experimentum crucis &c. (test) 463[Lat]; argument &c. 476; rigorous establishment, absolute establishment.

conviction, cogency, (persuasion) 484.

V. demonstrate, prove, establish; make good; show, evince, manifest &c. (be evidence of) 467; confirm, corroborate, substantiate, verify &c. 467 settle the question, reduce to demonstration, set the question at rest.

make out, make out a case; prove one's point, have the best of the argument; draw a conclusion &c. (judge) 480.

follow, follow of course, follow as a matter of course, follow necessarily; stand to reason; hold good, hold water.

convince, persuade (belief) 484.

Adj. demonstrating &c. v., demonstrative, demonstrable; probative, unanswerable, conclusive; apodictic[obs], apodeictic[obs], apodeictical[obs]; irresistible, irrefutable, irrefragable; necessary.

categorical, decisive, crucial.

demonstrated &c. v.; proven; unconfuted[obs], unanswered, unrefuted[obs]; evident &c. 474.

deducible, consequential, consectary[obs], inferential, following.

[demonstrated to one's satisfaction] convincing, cogent, persuasive (believable) 484.

Adv. of course, in consequence, consequently, as a matter of course; necessarily, of necessity.

Phr. probatum est[Lat]; there is nothing more to be said; quod est demonstrandum[Lat], Q.E.D.; it must follow; exitus acta probat[Lat].