Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 479 (Confutation)

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#479. Confutation. -- N. {ant 478} confutation, refutation; answer, complete answer; disproof, conviction, redargution[obs], invalidation; exposure, exposition; clincher; retort; reductio ad absurdum; knock down argument, tu quoque argument[Lat]; sockdolager * [obs][U. S.].

correction &c. 527a; dissuasion &c. 616.

V. confute, refute, disprove; parry, negative, controvert, rebut, confound, disconfirm, redargue[obs], expose, show the fallacy of, defeat; demolish, break &c. (destroy) 162; overthrow, overturn scatter to the winds, explode, invalidate; silence; put to silence, reduce to silence; clinch an argument, clinch a question; give one a setdown[obs], stop the mouth, shut up; have, have on the hip.

not leave a leg to stand on, cut the ground from under one's feet.

be confuted &c.; fail; expose one's weak point, show one's weak point.

counter evidence &c. 468.

Adj. confuting, confuted, &c. v.; capable of refutation; refutable, confutable[obs], defeasible.

contravene (counter evidence) 468.

condemned on one's own showing,condemned out of one's own mouth.

Phr. the argument falls to the ground, cadit quaestio[Lat], it does not hold water, " suo sibi gladio hunc jugulo" [Terence]; his argument was demolished by new evidence.