Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 435 (Greenness)

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#435. Greenness. -- N. green &c. adj.; blue and yellow; vert [heraldry].

emerald, verd antique[Fr], verdigris, malachite, beryl, aquamarine; absinthe, crme de menthe[Fr].

[Pigments] terre verte[Fr], verditer[obs], verdine[obs], copperas.

greenness, verdure; viridity[obs], viridescence[obs]; verditure[obs].

[disease of eyes with green tint] glaucoma, [Jap: rokunaisho].

Adj. green, verdant; glaucous, olive, olive green; green as grass; verdurous.

emerald green, pea green, grass green, apple green, sea green, olive green, bottle green, coke bottle green.

greenish; virent[obs], virescent[obs].

green (learner) 541[new, inexperienced, novice], (unskillful) 699.

green [ill, sick].

Phr. green with envy; the green grass of Ireland; the wearing of the green. <-- Footnote 1 p. 122

The author's classification of colors has been retained, though it does not entirely accord with the theories of modern science. -->