Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 541 (Learner)

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#541. Learner.-- N. learner, scholar, student, pupil; apprentice, prentice[obs], journeyman; articled clerk; beginner, tyro, amateur, rank amateur; abecedarian, alphabetarian[obs]; alumnus, eleve[Fr].

recruit, raw recruit, novice, neophyte, inceptor[obs], catechumen, probationer; seminarian, chela, fellow-commoner; debutant.

[apprentice medical doctors] intern; resident.

schoolboy; fresh, freshman, frosh; junior soph[obs], junior; senior soph[obs], senior; sophister[obs], sophomore; questionist[obs].

[college and university students] undergraduate; graduate student; law student; medical student; pre-med; post-doctoral student, post-doc; matriculated student; part-time student, night student, auditor.

[group of learners] class, grade, seminar, form, remove; pupilage &c (learning) 539.

disciple, follower, apostle, proselyte; fellow-student, condisciple[obs].

[place of learning] school &c. 542.

V. learn; practise.

Adj. in statu pupillari[Lat], in leading strings.

Phr. practise makes perfect.