Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 401 (Fetor)

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#401. Fetor. -- N. fetor[obs]; bad &c. adj. smell, bad odor; stench, stink; foul odor, malodor; empyreuma[obs]; mustiness &c. adj.; rancidity; foulness &c. (uncleanness) 653.

stoat, polecat, skunk; assafoetida[obs]; fungus, garlic; stinkpot; fitchet[obs], fitchew[obs], fourmart[obs], peccary.

acridity &c. 401a.

V. have a bad smell &c. n.; smell; stink, stink in the nostrils, stink like a polecat; smell strong &c. adj., smell offensively.

Adj. fetid; strong-smelling; high, bad, strong, fulsome, offensive, noisome, rank, rancid, reasty[obs], tainted, musty, fusty, frouzy[obs]; olid[obs], olidous|; nidorous[obs]; smelling, stinking; putrid &c. 653; suffocating, mephitic; empyreumatic[obs]. #401a Acridity -- N. acridity, astringency, bite.

[acrid substances] tear gas; smoke, acrid fumes.

Adj. acrid, biting, astringent, sharp, harsh; bitter &c. 392b.