Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 653 (Uncleanness)

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#653. Uncleanness. -- N. uncleanness &c. Adj.; impurity; immundity[obs], immundicity[obs]; impurity &c. 961[of mind].

defilement, contamination &c. v.; defoedation|; soilure[obs], soiliness|; abomination; leaven; taint, tainture|; fetor &c. 401[obs]. decay; putrescence, putrefaction; corruption; mold, must, mildew, dry rot, mucor, rubigo|.

slovenry[obs]; slovenliness &c. Adj. squalor.

dowdy, drab, slut, malkin[obs], slattern, sloven, slammerkin|, slammock[obs], slummock[obs], scrub, draggle-tail, mudlark[obs], dust- man, sweep; beast.

dirt, filth, soil, slop; dust, cobweb, flue; smoke, soot, smudge, smut, grit, grime, raff[obs]; sossle[obs], sozzle[obs].

sordes[obs], dregs, grounds, lees; argol[obs]; sediment, settlement heeltap[obs]; dross, drossiness[obs]; mother|, precipitate, scoriae, ashes, cinders. recrement[obs], slag; scum, froth.

hogwash; ditchwater[obs], dishwater, bilgewater[obs]; rinsings, cheeseparings; sweepings &c. (useless refuse) 645; offscourings[obs], outscourings[obs]; off scum; caput mortuum[Lat][obs], residuum, sprue, fecula[Lat], clinker, draff[obs]; scurf, scurfiness[obs]; exuviae[Lat], morphea; fur, furfur[obs]; dandruff, tartar.

riffraff; vermin, louse, flea, bug, chinch[obs].

mud, mire, quagmire, alluvium, silt, sludge, slime, slush, slosh, sposh [obs][U. S.].

spawn, offal, gurry [obs][U. S.]; lientery[obs]; garbage, carrion; excreta &c. 299; slough, peccant humor, pus, matter, suppuration, lienteria[obs]; faeces, feces, , excrement, ordure, dung, crap[vulgar], shit[vulgar]; sewage, sewerage; muck; coprolite; guano, manure, compost.

dunghill, colluvies[obs], mixen[obs], midden, bog, laystall[obs], sink, privy, jakes; toilet, john, head; cess[obs], cesspool; sump, sough, cloaca, latrines, drain, sewer, common sewer; Cloacina; dust hole.

sty, pigsty, lair, den, Augean stable[obs], sink of corruption; slum, rookery.

V. be unclean, become unclean &c. Adj.; rot, putrefy, ferment, fester, rankle, reek; stink &c. 401; mold, molder; go bad &c. adj.

render unclean &c. adj.; dirt, dirty; daub, blot, blur, smudge, smutch[obs], soil, smoke, tarnish, slaver, spot, smear; smirch; begrease[obs];.dabble, drabble[obs], draggle, daggle[obs]; spatter, slubber; besmear &c., bemire, beslime[obs], begrime, befoul; splash, stain, distain[obs], maculate, sully, pollute, defile, debase, contaminate, taint, leaven;, corrupt &c. (injure) 659; cover with dust &c. n.; drabble in the mud[obs]; roil.

wallow in the mire; slobber, slabber[obs].

Adj. dirty, filthy, grimy; unclean, impure; soiled &c. v.; not to be handled with kid gloves; dusty, snuffy[obs], smutty, sooty, smoky; thick, turbid, dreggy; slimy; mussy [U.S.].

slovenly, untidy, messy, uncleanly.

[of people] unkempt, sluttish, dowdy, draggle-tailed; uncombed.

unscoured[obs], unswept[obs], unwiped[obs], unwashed, unstrained, unpurified[obs]; squalid; lutose[obs], slammocky[obs], slummocky[obs], sozzly[obs].

nasty, coarse, foul, offensive, abominable, beastly, reeky, reechy[obs]; fetid &c. 401.

[of rotting living matter] decayed, moldy, musty, mildewed, rusty, moth-eaten, mucid[obs], rancid, weak, bad, gone bad, etercoral[obs], lentiginous[obs], touched, fusty, effete, reasty[obs], rotten, corrupt, tainted, high, flyblown, maggoty; putrid, putrefactive, putrescent, putrefied; saprogenic, saprogenous[obs]; purulent, carious, peccant; fecal, feculent; stercoraceous[obs], excrementitious[obs]; scurfy, scurvy, impetiginous[obs]; gory, bloody; rotting &c. v.; rotten as a pear, rotten as cheese.

crapulous &c. (intemperate) 954[obs]; gross &c. (impure in mind) 961; fimetarious[obs], fimicolous[obs].

Phr. " they that touch pitch will be defiled " [Much Ado About Nothing].