Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 344 (Plain)

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#344. Plain. -- N. plain, table-land, face of the country; open country, champaign country[obs]; basin, downs, waste, weary waste, desert, wild, steppe, pampas, savanna, prairie, heath, common, wold[obs], veldt; moor, moorland; bush; plateau &c. (level) 213; campagna[obs]; alkali flat, llano; mesa, mesilla [obs][U.S.], playa; shaking prairie, trembling prairie; vega[Sp].

meadow, mead, haugh[obs], pasturage, park, field, lawn, green, plat, plot, grassplat[obs], greensward, sward, turf, sod, heather; lea, ley, lay; grounds; maidan[obs], agostadero[obs].

Adj. champaign[obs], alluvial; campestral[obs], campestrial[obs], campestrian[obs], campestrine[obs].