Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 213 (Horizontality)

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#213. Horizontality. -- N. horizontality[obs]; flatness; level, plane; stratum &c. 204; dead level, dead flat; level plane.

recumbency, lying down &c. v.; reclination[obs], decumbence[obs]; decumbency[obs], discumbency|; proneness &c. adj.; accubation[obs], supination[obs], resupination[obs], prostration; azimuth.

plain, floor, platform, bowling green; cricket ground; croquet ground, croquet lawn; billiard table; terrace, estrade[obs], esplanade, parterre.

[flat land area] table land, plateau, ledge; butte; mesa (plain) 344.

[instrument to measure horizontality] level, spirit level.

V. be horizontal &c. adj.; lie, recline, couch; lie down, lie flat, lie prostrate; sprawl, loll, sit down.

render horizontal &c. adj.; lay down, lay out; level, flatten; prostrate, knock down, floor, fell.

Adj. horizontal, level, even, plane; flat &c. 251; flat as a billiard table, flat as a bowling green; alluvial; calm, calm as a mill pond; smooth, smooth as glass.

recumbent, decumbent, procumbent, accumbent[obs]; lying &c. v.; prone, supine, couchant, jacent[obs], prostrate, recubant[obs].

Adv. horizontally &c. adj.; on one's back, on all fours, on its beam ends.