Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 333 (Fluidity)

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#333. Fluidity. -- N. fluidity, liquidity; liquidness &c. adj[obs].; gaseity &c. 334[obs].

fluid, inelastic fluid; liquid, liquor; lymph, humor, juice, sap, serum, blood, serosity[obs], gravy, rheum, ichor[obs], sanies[obs]; chyle[Med].

solubility, solubleness[obs].

[Science of liquids at rest] hydrology, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics.

V. be fluid &c. adj.; flow &c. (water in motion) 348; liquefy, melt, condense &c. 335.

Adj. liquid, fluid, serous, juicy, succulent, sappy; ichorous[obs]; fluent &c. (flowing) 348.

liquefied &c. 335; uncongealed; soluble.