Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 334 (Gaseity)

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#334. Gaseity. -- N. gaseity[obs]; vaporousness &c. adj.; flatulence, flatulency; volatility; aeration, aerification.

elastic fluid, gas, air, vapor, ether, steam, essence, fume, reek, effluvium, flatus; cloud &c. 353; ammonia, ammoniacal gas[obs]; volatile alkali; vacuum, partial vacuum.

[Science of elastic fluids] pneumatics, pneumatostatics[obs]; aerostatics[obs], aerodynamics.

gasmeter[obs], gasometer[obs]; air bladder, swimming bladder, sound (of a fish).

V. vaporize, evaporate, evanesce, gasify, emit vapor &c. 336; diffuse.

Adj. gaseous, aeriform[obs], ethereal, aerial, airy, vaporous, volatile, evaporable[obs], flatulent.