Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 183 (Situation)

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#183. Situation.-- N. situation, position, locality, locale, status, latitude and longitude; footing, standing, standpoint, post; stage; aspect, attitude, posture, pose.

environment, surroundings (location) 184; circumjacence &c. 227[obs].

place, site, station, seat, venue, whereabouts; ground; bearings &c. (direction) 278; spot &c. (limited space) 182.

topography, geography, chorography[obs]; map &c. 554.

V. be situated, be situate; lie, have its seat in.

Adj. situate, situated; local, topical, topographical &c. n.

Adv. in situ, in loco; here and there, passim; hereabouts, thereabouts, whereabouts; in place, here, there.

in such and such surroundings, in such and such environs, in such and such entourage, amidst such and such surroundings, amidst such and such environs, amidst such and such entourage.