Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 172 (Physical Inertness)

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#172. Physical Inertness.-- N. inertness, dullness &c. adj.; inertia, vis inertiae[Latin], inertion[obs], inactivity, torpor, languor; quiescence &c. 265; latency, inaction; passivity.

mental inertness; sloth &c. (inactivity) 683; inexcitability &c. 826[obs]; irresolution &c. 605; obstinacy &c. 606; permanence &c. 141.

rare gas, paraffin, noble metal, unreactivity.

V. be -inert &c. adj.; hang fire, smolder.

Adj. inert, inactive, passive; torpid &c. 683; sluggish, dull, heavy, flat, slack, tame, slow, blunt; unreactive; lifeless, dead, uninfluential[obs].

latent, dormant, smoldering, unexerted[obs].

Adv. inactively &c. adj.; in suspense, in abeyance.