Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 606 (Obstinacy)

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#606. Obstinacy. -- N. obstinateness &c. adj.; obstinacy, tenacity; cussedness [U. S.]; perseverance &c. 604a; immovability; old school; inflexibility &c. (hardness) 323; obduracy, obduration[obs]; dogged resolution; resolution &c. 604; ruling passion; blind side.

self-will, contumacy, perversity; pervicacy|, pervicacity[obs]; indocility[obs].

bigotry, intolerance, dogmatism; opiniatry|, opiniativeness; fixed idea &c. (prejudgment) 481; fanaticism, zealotry, infatuation, monomania; opinionatedness opinionativeness[obs].

mule; opinionist|, opinionatist[obs], opiniator|, opinator|; stickler, dogmatist; bigot; zealot, enthusiast, fanatic.

V. be obstinate &c. adj.; stickle, take no denial, fly in the face of facts; opinionate, be wedded to an opinion, hug a belief; have one's own way &c. (will) 600; persist &c. (persevere) 604a; have the last word, insist on having the last word.

die hard, fight against destiny, not yield an inch, stand out.

Adj. obstinate, tenacious, stubborn, obdurate, casehardened; inflexible &c. (hard) 323; balky; immovable, unshakable, not to be moved; inert &c. 172; unchangeable &c. 150; inexorable &c. (determined) 604; mulish, obstinate as a mule, pig-headed.

dogged; sullen, sulky; unmoved, uninfluenced unaffected.

willful, self-willed, perverse; resty[obs], restive, restiff|; pervicacious[obs], wayward, refractory, unruly; heady, headstrong; entete[Fr]; contumacious; crossgrained[obs].

arbitrary, dogmatic, positive, bigoted; prejudiced &c. 481; creed- bound; prepossessed, infatuated; stiff-backed, stiff necked, stiff hearted; hard-mouthed, hidebound; unyielding; impervious, impracticable, inpersuasible[obs]; unpersuadable; intractable, untractable[obs]; incorrigible, deaf to advice, impervious to reason; crotchety &c. 608.

Adv. obstinately &c. adj.

Phr. non possumus[Lat]; no surrender; ils n'ont rien appris ne rien oublie[Fr].