Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 982 (Hell)

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#982. Hell. -- N. hell, bottomless pit, place of torment; habitation of fallen angels; Pandemonium, Abaddon[obs], Domdaniel; jahannan[obs], sheol[obs].

hell fire; everlasting fire, everlasting torment, eternal damnation; lake of fire and brimstone; fire that is never quenched; worm that never dies.

purgatory, limbo, gehenna, abyss.

[Mythological hell] Tartarus, Hades, Avernus[Lat], Styx, Stygian creek, pit of Acheron[obs], Cocytus; infernal regions, inferno, shades below, realms of Pluto.

Pluto, Rhadamanthus[obs], Erebus[Lat]; Tophet.

Adj. hellish, infernal, stygian.

Phr. dies irae dies illa[Lat]; "the hue of dungeons and the scowl of night" [Love's Labor's Lost].