Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 98 (Five, &c)

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#98. Five, &c. -- N. five, cinque[Fr], quint, quincux[obs]; six, half-a-dozen, half dozen; seven; eight; nine, three times three; dicker; ten, decade; eleven; twelve, dozen; thirteen; long dozen, baker's dozen; quintuplet; twenty, score; twenty-four, four and twenty, two dozen; twenty- five, five and twenty, quarter of a hundred; forty, two score; fifty, half a hundred; sixty, three score; seventy, three score and ten; eighty, four score; ninety, fourscore and ten; sestiad[obs].

hundred, centenary, hecatomb, century; hundredweight, cwt.; one hundred and forty-four, gross.

thousand, chiliad; millennium, thousand years, grand[coll.]; myriad; ten thousand, ban[Japanese], man[Japanese]; ten thousand years, banzai[Japanese]; lac, one hundred thousand, plum; million; thousand million, milliard, billion, trillion &c.

V. centuriate[obs]; quintuplicate.

Adj. five, quinary[obs], quintuple; fifth; senary[obs], sextuple; sixth; seventh; septuple; octuple; eighth; ninefold, ninth; tenfold, decimal, denary[obs], decuple[obs], tenth; eleventh; duodenary[obs], duodenal; twelfth; in one's 'teens, thirteenth.

vicesimal[obs], vigesimal; twentieth; twenty-fourth &c. n.; vicenary[obs], vicennial[obs].

centuple[obs], centuplicate[obs], centennial, centenary, centurial[obs]; secular, hundredth; thousandth, &c.