Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 94 (Division into three parts)

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#94. [Division into three parts.] Trisection. -- N. trisection, tripartition[obs], trichotomy; third, third part.

V. trisect, divide into three parts.

Adj. trifid; trisected &c. v.; tripartite, trichotomous[obs], trisulcate[obs].

Triadelphous[obs], triangular, tricuspid, tricapsular[obs], tridental[obs], tridentate, tridentiferous[obs], trifoliate, trifurcate, trigonal[obs], trigrammic[obs], trigrammatic[obs], tripetalous[obs], tripodal, tripodic[obs], triquetral[obs], triquetrous[obs]. <-- note that square in the mathematical sense is more related to two than to four. Subdivide? -->