Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 916 (Gratitude)

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#916. Gratitude. -- N. gratitude, thankfulness, feeling of obligation, sense of obligation.

acknowledgment, recognition, thanksgiving, thanksgiving, giving thanks; thankful good will.

thanks, praise, benediction; paean; Te Deum &c. (worship) 990[Lat]; grace, grace before meat, grace after meat, grace before meals, grace after meals; thank offering.


V. be grateful &c. adj.; thank; give thanks , render thanks, return thanks, offer thanks, tender thanks &c. n.; acknowledge, requite.

feel under an obligation, be under an obligation, lie under an obligation; savoir gr[Fr]; not look a gift horse in the mouth; never forget, overflow with gratitude; thank one's stars, thank one's lucky stars, bless one's stars; fall on one's knees.

Adj. grateful, thankful, obliged, beholden, indebted to, under obligation.

Int. thanks! many thanks! gramercy[obs]! much obliged! thank you! thank you very much! thanks a lot! thanks a heap, thanks loads [coll.]; thank Heaven! Heaven be praised! Gott sei Dank[Ger]!.