Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 819 (Parsimony)

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#819. Parsimony.-- N. parsimony, parcity|; parsimoniousness[obs], stinginess &c. adj.; stint; illiberality, tenacity.

avarice, greed &c. 817a.

miser, niggard, churl, screw, skinflint, crib, codger, muckworm[obs], scrimp, lickpenny[obs], hunks, curmudgeon, Harpagon, harpy, extortioner, Jew, usurer; Hessian [U.S.]; pinch fist, pinch penny.

V. be parsimonious &c. adj.; grudge, begrudge, stint, pinch, gripe, screw, dole out, hold back, withhold, starve, famish, live upon nothing, skin a flint.

drive a bargain, drive a hard bargain; cheapen, beat down; stop one hole in a sieve; have an itching palm, grasp, grab.

Adj. parsimonious, penurious, stingy, miserly, mean, shabby, peddling, scrubby, penny wise, near, niggardly, close; fast handed, close handed, strait handed; close fisted, hard fisted, tight fisted; tight, sparing; chary; grudging, griping &c. v.; illiberal, ungenerous, churlish, hidebound, sordid, mercenary, venal, covetous, usurious, avaricious, greedy, extortionate, rapacious.

Adv. with a sparing hand.

Phr. desunt inopioe multa avaritiae omnia [Latin][Syrus]; "hoards after hoards his rising raptures fill" [Goldsmith]; "the unsunn'd heaps of miser's treasures" [Milton].