Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 811 (Accounts)

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#811. Accounts.-- N. accounts, accompts|!; commercial arithmetic, monetary arithmetic; statistics &c. (numeration) 85; money matters, finance, budget, bill, score, reckoning, account.

books, account book, ledger; day book, cash book, pass book; journal; debtor and creditor account, cash account, running account; account current; balance, balance sheet; compte rendu[Fr], account settled, acquit, assets, expenditure, liabilities, outstanding accounts; profit and loss account, profit and loss statement, receipts.

bookkeeping, accounting, double entry bookkeeping, reckoning.


[person who keeps accounts] accountant, auditor, actuary, bookkeeper, bean counter [derogatory]; financier &c. 801; accounting party; chartered accountant, certified accountant; accounting firm, auditing firm.

V. keep accounts, enter, post, book, credit, debit, carry over; take stock; balance accounts, make up accounts, square accounts, settle accounts, wind up accounts, cast up accounts; make accounts square, square accounts.

bring to book, tax, surcharge and falsify.

audit, field audit; check the books, verify accounts.

falsify an account, garble an account, cook an account, cook the books, doctor an account.

Adj. monetary &c.800; accountable, accounting.