Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 674 (Nonpreparation)

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#674. Nonpreparation. -- N. non-preparation, absence of preparation, want of preparation; inculture|, inconcoction|, improvidence.

immaturity, crudity; rawness &c. Adj.; abortion; disqualification.

[Absence of art] nature, state of nature; virgin soil, unweeded garden; neglect &c. 460.

rough copy &c. (plan) 626; germ &c. 153; raw material &c. 635.

improvisation &c. (impulse) 612.

V. be unprepared &c. Adj.; want preparation, lack preparation; lie fallow; s'embarquer sans biscuits[Fr]; live from hand to mouth.

[Render unprepared] dismantle &c. (render useless) 645; undress &c. 226. extemporize, improvise, ad lib.

Adj. unprepared &c. [prepare &c. 673]; without preparation &c. 673; incomplete &c. 53; rudimental, embryonic, abortive; immature, unripe, kachcha[obs], raw, green, crude; coarse; rough cast, rough hewn; in the rough; unhewn[obs], unformed, unfashioned[obs], unwrought, unlabored[obs], unblown, uncooked, unboiled, unconcocted, unpolished.

unhatched, unfledged, unnurtured[obs], unlicked[obs], untaught, uneducated, uncultivated,. untrained, untutored, undrilled, unexercised; deckle-edged[obs]; precocious, premature; undigested, indigested[obs]; unmellowed[obs], unseasoned, unleavened.

unrehearsed, unscripted, extemporaneous, improvised, spontaneous, ad lib, ad libitem [Latin].

fallow; unsown, untilled; natural, in a state of nature; undressed; in dishabille, en deshabille[Fr].

unqualified, disqualified; unfitted; ill-digested; unbegun, unready, unarranged[obs], unorganized, unfurnished, unprovided, unequipped, untrimmed; out of gear, out of order; dismantled &c. v.

shiftless, improvident, unthrifty, thriftless, thoughtless, unguarded; happy-go-lucky; caught napping &c. (inexpectant) 508[obs]; unpremeditated &c. 612.

Adv. extempore &c. 612.