Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 667 (Source of danger)

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#667. [Source of danger.] Pitfall. -- N. rocks, reefs, coral reef, sunken rocks, snags; sands, quicksands; syrt|, syrtis|; Goodwin sands, sandy foundation; slippery ground; breakers, shoals, shallows, bank, shelf, flat, lee shore, ironbound coast; rock ahead, breakers ahead.

precipice; maelstrom, volcano; ambush &c. 530; pitfall, trapdoor; trap &c. (snare) 545.

sword of Damocles; wolf at the door, snake in the grass, death in the pot; latency &c. 526.

ugly customer, dangerous person, le chat qui dort[Fr]; firebrand, hornet's nest.

Phr. latet anquis in herba [Lat][Vergil]; proximus ardet Ucalegon [Lat][Vergil].