Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 630 (Requirement)

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#630. Requirement. -- N. requirement, need, wants, necessities; necessaries, necessaries of life; stress, exigency,pinch, sine qua non, matter of necessity; case of need, case of life or death.

needfulness, essentiality, necessity, indispensability, urgency.

requisition &c. (request) 765, (exaction) 741; run upon; demand, call for.

charge, claim, command, injunction, mandate, order, precept.

desideratum &c. (desire) 865; want &c. (deficiency) 640.

V. require, need, want, have occasion for; not be able to do without, not be able to dispense with; prerequire[obs].

render necessary, necessitate, create a, necessity for, call for, put in requisition; make a requisition &c. (ask for) 765, (demand) 741.

stand in need of; lack &c. 640; desiderate[obs]; desire &c. 865; be necessary &c. Adj.

Adj. required &c. v.; requisite, needful, necessary, imperative, essential, indispensable, prerequisite; called for; in demand, in request.

urgent, exigent, pressing, instant, crying, absorbing.

in want of; destitute of &c. 640.

Adv. ex necessitate rei &c. (necessarily) 601[Lat]; of necessity.

Phr. there is no time to lose; it cannot be spared, it cannot be dispensed with; mendacem memorem esse oportet [Lat][Quintilian]; necessitas non habet legem[Lat]; nec tecum possum trivere nec sine te [Lat][Martial].

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