Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 538 (Misteaching)

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#538. Misteaching.-- N. misteaching[obs], misinformaton, misintelligence[obs], misguidance, misdirection, mispersuasion[obs], misinstruction[obs], misleading &c.v.; perversion, false teaching; sophistry &c 477; college of Laputa; the blind leading the blind.

[misteaching by government agents] propaganda, disinformation, agitprop; indoctrination.

V. misinform, misteach[obs], misdescribe[obs], misinstruct[obs], miscorrect[obs]; misdirect, misguide; pervert; put on a false scent, throw off the scent, throw off the trail; deceive &c 545; mislead &c (error) 495; misrepresent; lie &c 544; ambiguas in vulgum spargere voces [Lat][Vergil].

propagandize, disinform.

render unintelligible &c 519; bewilder &c (uncertainty) 475; mystify &c. (conceal) 528; unteach.

[person or government agent who misteaches] propagandist.

Adj. misteaching &c.v[obs]; unedifying.

Phr. piscem natare doces [Lat]; the blind leading the blind.