Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 464 (Comparison)

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#464. Comparison. -- N. comparison, collation, contrast; identification; comparative estimate, relative estimate, relativity.

simile, similitude, analogy (similarity) 17; allegory &c. (metaphor) 521.

matching, pattern-matching.

[quantitative comparison] ratio, proportion (number) 84.

[results of comparison] discrimination 465; indiscrimination 465a[obs]; identification 465b.

V. compare to, compare with; collate, confront; place side by side, juxtapose &c. (near) 197; set against one another, pit against one another; contrast, balance.

identify, draw a parallel, parallel.

compare notes; institute a comparison; parva componere magnis[Lat]..

Adj. comparative; metaphorical &c. 521.

compared with &c. v.; comparable; judged by comparison.

Adv. relatively &c. (relation) 9; as compared with &c. v.

Phr. comparisons are odious; " comparisons are odorous " [Much Ado about Nothing]. #464a Incomparability [Lack of comparison] -- N. incomparability; incommensurability; indistinguishablility &c. 465a.

Adj. incommensurable, incommensurate; incomparable; different &c.15.

Phr. like apples and oranges; no basis for comparison; no standard for comparison.