Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 452 (Absence or want of thought)

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#452. [Absence or want of thought.] Incogitancy. -- N. incogitancy[obs], vacancy, inunderstanding[obs]; fatuity &c. 499; thoughtlessness &c. (inattention) 458; vacuity.

couch potato, vegetable.

V. not think &c. 451; not think of; dismiss from the mind, dismiss from the thoughts &c. 451.

indulge in reverie &c. (be inattentive) 458.

put away thought; unbend the mind, relax the mind, divert the mind, veg out.

Adj. vacant, unintellectual, unideal[obs], unoccupied, unthinking, inconsiderate, thoughtless, mindless, no-brain, vacuous; absent &c. (inattentive) 458; diverted; irrational &c. 499; narrow-minded &c. 481.

unthought of, undreamt 'of, unconsidered; off one's mind; incogitable[obs], not to be thought of.

Phr. absence d'esprit; pabulum pictura pascit inani[Lat][obs].