Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 445 (Optical Instruments)

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#445. Optical Instruments. -- N. optical instruments; lens, meniscus, magnifier, sunglass, magnifying glass, hand lens; microscope, megascope[obs], tienoscope[obs].

spectacles, specs [coll.],glasses, barnacles, goggles, eyeglass, pince-nez, monocle, reading glasses, bifocals; contact lenses, soft lenses, hard lenses; sunglasses, shades[coll.].

periscopic lens[obs]; telescope, glass, lorgnette; spyglass, opera glass, binocular, binoculars, field glass; burning glass, convex lens, concave lens, convexo-concave lens[obs], coated lens, multiple lens, compound lens, lens system, telephoto lens, wide-angle lens, fish-eye lens, zoom lens; optical bench.

astronomical telescope, reflecting telescope, reflector, refracting telescope, refractor, Newtonian telescope, folded-path telescope, finder telescope, chromatoscope; X-ray telescope; radiotelescope, phased-array telescope, Very Large Array radiotelescope; ultraviolet telescope; infrared telescope; star spectroscope; space telescope.

[telescope mounts] altazimuth mount, equatorial mount.

refractometer, circular dichroism spectrometer.


phase-contrast microscope, fluorescence microscope, dissecting microscope; electron microscope, transmission electron microscope; scanning electron microscope, SEM; scanning tunneling electron microscope.

[microscope components] objective lens, eyepiece, barrel, platform, focusing knob; slide, slide glass, cover glass, counting chamber; illuminator, light source, polarizer,

[component parts of telescopes] reticle, cross-hairs.

light pipe, fiber optics

mirror, reflector, speculum; looking-glass, pier-glass, cheval-glass, rear-view mirror, hand mirror, one-way mirror, magnifying mirror.

[room with distorting mirrors] fun house.

prism, diffraction grating; beam splitter, half-wave plate, quarter- wave plate.

camera lucida[Lat], camera obscura[Lat]; magic lantern &c. (show) 448; stereopticon; chromatrope[obs], thaumatrope[obs]; stereoscope, pseudoscope[obs], polyscope[obs], kaleidoscope.

photometer, eriometer[obs], actinometer[obs], lucimeter[obs], radiometer; ligth detector, photodiode, photomultiplier, photodiode array, photocell.

X-ray diffractometer, goniometer.

spectrometer, monochrometer, UV spectrometer, visible spectrometer, Infrared spectrometer, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, recording spectrometer; densitometer, scanning densitometer, two-dimensional densitometer.

abdominoscope[obs], gastroscope[Med], helioscope[obs], polariscope[obs], polemoscope[obs], spectroscope.

abdominoscopy[obs]; gastroscopy[Med]; microscopy, microscopist.