Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 417 (Musical Instruments)

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#417. Musical Instruments. -- N. musical instruments; band; string- band, brass-band; orchestra; orchestrina[obs].

monochord[obs][Stringed instruments], polychord[obs]; harp, lyre, lute, archlute[obs]; mandola[obs], mandolin, mandoline[obs]; guitar; zither; cither[obs], cithern[obs]; gittern[obs], rebeck[obs], bandurria[obs], bandura, banjo; bina[obs], vina[obs]; xanorphica[obs].

viol, violin; fiddle, kit; viola, viola d'amore[Fr], viola di gamba[It]; tenor, cremona, violoncello, bass; bass viol, base viol; theorbo[obs], double base, contrabasso[obs], violone[obs], *psaltery; bow, fiddlestick[obs].

piano, pianoforte; harpsichord, clavichord, clarichord[obs], manichord[obs]; clavier, spinet, virginals, dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, vielle[obs], pianino[obs], Eolian harp. .

organ[Wind instruments]; harmonium, harmoniphon[obs]; American organ[obs], barrel organ, hand organ; accordion, seraphina[obs], concertina; humming top.

flute, fife, piccolo, flageolet; clarinet, claronet[obs]; basset horn, corno di bassetto[obs], oboe, hautboy, cor Anglais[Fr], corno Inglese[obs], bassoon, double bassoon, contrafagotto[obs], serpent, bass clarinet; bagpipes, union pipes; musette, ocarina, Pandean pipes; reed instrument; sirene[obs], pipe, pitch-pipe; sourdet[obs]; whistle, catcall; doodlesack[obs], harmoniphone[obs].

horn, bugle, cornet, cornet-a-pistons, cornopean|, clarion, trumpet, trombone, ophicleide[obs]; French horn, saxophone, sax [informal], buglehorn[obs], saxhorn, flugelhorn[obs], althorn[obs], helicanhorn[obs], posthorn[obs]; sackbut, euphonium, bombardon tuba[obs].

[Vibrating surfaces] cymbal, bell, gong; tambour|!, tambourine, tamborine[obs]; drum, tom-tom; tabor, tabret[obs], tabourine[obs], taborin[obs]; side drum, kettle drum; timpani, tympani[obs]; tymbal[obs], timbrel[obs], castanet, bones; musical glasses, musical stones; harmonica, sounding-board, rattle; tam-tam, zambomba[obs].

[Vibrating bars] reed, tuning fork, triangle, Jew's harp, musical box, harmonicon[obs], xylophone.

sordine[obs], sordet[obs]; sourdine[obs], sourdet[obs]; mute.