Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 400 (Fragrance)

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#400. Fragrance. -- N. fragrance, aroma, redolence, perfume, bouquet, essence, scent; sweet smell, aromatic perfume.

agalloch[obs], agallochium[obs]; aloes wood; bay rum; calambac[obs], calambour[obs]; champak[obs], horehound[ISA:plant@mint], lign-aloes[obs], marrubium[obs], mint, muskrat, napha water[obs], olibanum[obs], spirit of myrcia[obs].

essential oil.

incense; musk, frankincense; pastil[obs], pastille; myrrh, perfumes of Arabia[obs]; otto[obs], ottar[obs], attar; bergamot, balm, civet, potpourri, pulvil|; nosegay; scentbag[obs]; sachet, smelling bottle, vinaigrette; eau de Cologne[Fr], toilet water, lotion, after-shave lotion; thurification[obs].


[fragrant wood oils] eucalyptus oil, pinene.

V. be fragrant &c. adj.; have a perfume &c. n.; smell sweet.

scent[render fragrant], perfume, embalm.

Adj. fragrant, aromatic, redolent, spicy, savory, balmy, scented, sweet-smelling, sweet-scented; perfumed, perfumatory[obs]; thuriferous; fragrant as a rose, muscadine[obs], ambrosial.