Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 340 (Dryness)

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#340. Dryness. -- N. dryness &c. adj.; siccity[obs], aridity, drought, ebb tide, low water.

exsiccation|, desiccation; arefaction|, dephlegmation|, drainage; drier.

[CHEMSUB which renders dry] desiccative, dessicator.

[device to render dry] dessicator; hair drier, clothes drier, gas drier, electric drier; vacuum oven, drying oven, kiln; lyophilizer.


V. be dry &c. adj..

[transitive] render dry &c. adj.; dry; dry up, soak up; sponge, swab, wipe; drain.

desiccate, dehydrate, exsiccate[obs]; parch.

kiln dry; vacuum dry, blow dry, oven dry; hang out to dry.


be fine, hold up.

Adj. dry, anhydrous, arid; adust[obs], arescent|; dried &c. v.; undamped; juiceless[obs], sapless; sear; husky; rainless, without rain, fine; dry as a bone, dry as dust, dry as a stick, dry as a mummy, dry as a biscuit.

water proof, water tight.

dehydrated, dessicated.