Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 286 (Motion towards)

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#286. [Motion towards.] Approach. -- N. approach, approximation, appropinquation[obs]; access; appulse[obs]; afflux[obs], affluxion[obs]; advent &c. (approach of time) 121; pursuit &c. 622.

V. approach, approximate, appropinquate[obs]; near; get near, go near, draw near; come to close quarters, come near; move towards, set in towards; drift; make up to; gain upon; pursue &c. 622; tread on the heels of; bear up; make the land; hug the shore, hug the land.

Adj. approaching &c. v.; approximative[obs]; affluent; impending, imminent &c. (destined) 152.

Adv. on the road.

Int. come hither! approach! here! come! come near! forward!