Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 220 (Exteriority)

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#220. Exteriority. -- N. exteriority[obs]; outside, exterior; surface, superficies; skin &c. (covering) 223; superstratum[obs]; disk, disc; face, facet; extrados[obs].

excentricity[obs]; eccentricity; circumjacence &c. 227[obs].

V. be exterior &c. adj.; lie around &c. 227.

place exteriorly, place outwardly, place outside; put out, turn out.

Adj. exterior, external; outer most; outward, outlying, outside, outdoor; round about &c. 227; extramural; extralimitary[obs], extramundane.

superficial, skin-deep; frontal, discoid.

extraregarding[obs]; excentric[obs], eccentric; outstanding; extrinsic &c. 6; ecdemic[Med], exomorphic[obs].

Adv. externally &c. adj.; out, with out, over, outwards, ab extra, out of doors; extra muros[Lat].

in the open air; sub Jove, sub dio[Lat]; a la belle etoile[Fr], al fresco.