Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 138 (Regularity of recurrence)

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#138. Regularity of recurrence. Periodicity. -- N. periodicity, intermittence; beat; oscillation &c. 314; pulse, pulsation; rhythm; alternation, alternateness, alternativeness, alternity[obs].

bout, round, revolution, rotation, turn, say.

anniversary, jubilee, centenary.

catamenia[obs];, courses, menses, menstrual flux.

[Regularity of return] rota, cycle, period, stated time, routine; days of the week; Sunday, Monday &c.; months of the year; January &c.; feast, fast &c.; Christmas, Easter, New Year's day &c.

Allhallows[obs], Allhallowmas[obs], All Saints' Day; All Souls', All Souls' Day; Ash Wednesday, bicentennial, birthday, bissextile[obs], Candlemas[obs], Dewali, groundhog day [U.S.], Halloween, Hallowmas[obs], Lady day, leap year, Midsummer day, Muharram, woodchuck day [U.S.], St. Swithin's day, natal day; yearbook; yuletide.

punctuality, regularity, steadiness.

V. recur in regular order, recur in regular succession; return, revolve; come again, come in its turn; come round, come round again; beat, pulsate; alternate; intermit.

Adj. periodic, periodical; serial, recurrent, cyclical, rhythmical; recurring &c. v.; intermittent, remittent; alternate, every other.

hourly; diurnal, daily; quotidian, tertian, weekly; hebdomadal|, hebdomadary|; biweekly, fortnightly; bimonthly; catamenial|; monthly, menstrual; yearly, annual; biennial, triennial, &c.; centennial, secular; paschal, lenten, &c.

regular, steady, punctual, regular as clockwork.

Adv. periodically &c. adj.; at regular intervals, at stated times; at fixed established , at established periods; punctually &c. adj. de die in diem[Lat]; from day to day, day by day.

by turns; in turn, in rotation; alternately, every other day, off and on, ride and tie, round and round.