Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 996 (Clergy)

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#996. Clergy.-- N. clergy, clericals, ministry, priesthood, presbytery, the cloth, the desk.

clergyman, divine, ecclesiastic, churchman, priest, presbyter, hierophant[obs], pastor, shepherd, minister; father, father in Christ; padre, abbe, cure; patriarch; reverend; black coat; confessor.

dignitaries of the church; ecclesiarch[obs], hierarch[obs]; ebdomarius[Lat]; eminence, reverence, elder, primate, metropolitan, archbishop, bishop, prelate, diocesan, suffragan[obs], dean, subdean[obs], archdeacon, prebendary, canon, rural dean, rector, parson, vicar, perpetual curate, residentiary[obs], beneficiary, incumbent, chaplain, curate; deacon, deaconess; preacher, reader, lecturer; capitular[obs]; missionary, propagandist, Jesuit, revivalist, field preacher.

churchwarden, sidesman[obs]; clerk, precentor[obs], choir; almoner, suisse[Fr], verger, beadle, sexton, sacristan; acolyth[obs], acolothyst[obs], acolyte, altar boy; chorister.

[Roman Catholic priesthood] Pope, Papa, pontiff, high priest, cardinal; ancient flamen[obs], flamen[obs]; confessor, penitentiary; spiritual director.

cenobite, conventual, abbot, prior, monk, friar, lay brother, beadsman[obs], mendicant, pilgrim, palmer; canon regular, canon secular; Franciscan, Friars minor, Minorites; Observant, Capuchin, Dominican, Carmelite; Augustinian[obs]; Gilbertine; Austin Friars[obs], Black Friars, White Friars, Gray Friars, Crossed Friars, Crutched Friars; Bonhomme[Fr], Carthusian, Benedictine[obs], Cistercian, Trappist, Cluniac, Premonstatensian, Maturine; Templar, Hospitaler; Bernardine[obs], Lorettine, pillarist[obs], stylite[obs].

abbess, prioress, canoness[obs]; religieuse[Fr], nun, novice, postulant.

[Under the Jewish dispensation] prophet, priest, high priest, Levite; Rabbi, Rabbin, Rebbe; scribe.

[Mohammedan &c.] mullah, muezzin, ayatollah; ulema, imaum[obs], imam, sheik; sufi; kahin[obs], kassis[obs]; mufti, hadji, dervish; fakir, faquir[obs]; brahmin[obs], guru, kaziaskier[obs], poonghie[obs], sanyasi[obs]; druid, bonze[obs], santon[obs], abdal[obs], Lama, talapoin[obs], caloyer[obs].

V. take orders &c. 995.

Adj. the Reverend, the very Reverend, the Right Reverend; ordained, in orders, called to the ministry.