Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 995 (Churchdom)

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#995. Churchdom.-- N. church, churchdom; ministry, apostleship[obs], priesthood, prelacy, hierarch[obs], church government, christendom, pale of the church.

clericalism, sacerdotalism[obs], episcopalianism, ultramontanism[obs]; theocracy; ecclesiology[obs], ecclesiologist[obs]; priestcraft[obs], odium theologicum[Lat].

monachism[obs], monachy[obs]; monasticism, monkhood[obs].

[Ecclesiastical offices and dignities] pontificate, primacy, archbishopric[obs], archiepiscopacy[obs]; prelacy; bishopric, bishopdom[obs]; episcopate, episcopacy; see, diocese; deanery, stall; canonry, canonicate[obs]; prebend, prebendaryship[obs]; benefice, incumbency, glebe, advowson[obs], living, cure; rectorship[obs]; vicariate, vicarship; deaconry[obs], deaconship[obs]; curacy; chaplain, chaplaincy, chaplainship; cardinalate, cardinalship[obs]; abbacy, presbytery.

holy orders, ordination, institution, consecration, induction, reading in, preferment, translation, presentation.

popedom[obs]; the Vatican, the apostolic see; religious sects &c. 984.

council &c. 696; conclave, convocation, synod, consistory, chapter, vestry; sanhedrim, conge d'elire[Fr]; ecclesiastical courts, consistorial court, court of Arches.

V. call, ordain, induct, prefer, translate, consecrate, present.

take orders, take the tonsure, take the veil, take vows.

Adj. ecclesiastical, ecclesiological[obs]; clerical, sacerdotal, priestly, prelatical, pastoral, ministerial, capitular[obs], theocratic; hierarchical, archiepiscopal; episcopal, episcopalian; canonical; monastic, monachal[obs]; monkish; abbatial[obs], abbatical[obs]; Anglican[obs]; pontifical, papal, apostolic, Roman, Popish; ultramontane, priest-ridden.