Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 993 (Spell)

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#993. Spell.-- N. spell, charm, incantation, exorcism, weird, cabala[obs], exsufflation|, cantrap[obs], runes, abracadabra, open sesame, countercharm[obs], Ephesian letters, bell book and candle, Mumbo Jumbo, evil eye, fee-faw-fum.

talisman, amulet, periapt[obs], telesm[obs], phylactery, philter; fetich, fetish; agnus Dei[Latin: lamb of God]; furcula[obs], madstone[obs]; mascot, mascotte[obs]; merrythought[obs]; Om, Aum[obs]; scarab, scarabaeus[obs]; sudarium[obs], triskelion, veronica, wishbone; swastika, fylfot[obs], gammadion[obs].

wand, caduceus, rod, divining rod, lamp of Aladdin[obs]; wishing-cap, Fortunatus's cap.