Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 989 (Irreligion)

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#989. Irreligion.-- N. irreligion[obs], indevotion[obs]; godlessness, ungodliness &c. adj.; laxity, quietism.

skepticism, doubt; unbelief, disbelief; incredulity, incredulousness &c. adj[obs].; want of faith, want of belief; pyrrhonism; bout &c. 485; agnosticism.

atheism; deism; hylotheism[obs]; materialism; positivism; nihilism.

infidelity, freethinking, antichristianity[obs], rationalism; neology.

[person who is not religious] atheist, skeptic, unbeliever, deist, infidel, pyrrhonist; giaour[obs], heathen, alien, gentile, Nazarene; espri fort[Fr], freethinker, latitudinarian, rationalist; materialist, positivist, nihilist, agnostic, somatist[obs], theophobist[obs].

V. be irreligious &c. adj.; disbelieve, lack faith; doubt, question &c. 485.


Adj. irreligious; indevout[obs]; undevout[obs]; devoutless[obs], godless, graceless; ungodly, unholy, unsanctified[obs], unhallowed; atheistic, without God.

skeptical, freethinking; unbelieving, unconverted; incredulous, faithless, lacking faith; deistical; unchristian, antichristian[obs].

worldly, mundane, earthly, carnal; worldly &c. minded.

Adv. irreligiously &c. adj.