Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 988 (Impiety)

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#988. Impiety.-- N. impiety; sin &c. 945; irreverence; profaneness &c. adj.; profanity, profanation; blasphemy, desecration, sacrilege; scoffing &c.v.

[feigned piety] hypocrisy &c. (falsehood) 544; pietism, cant, pious fraud; lip devotion, lip service, lip reverence; misdevotion[obs], formalism, austerity; sanctimony, sanctimoniousness &c. adj; pharisaism, precisianism[obs]; sabbatism[obs], sabbatarianism[obs]; odium theologicum[Lat], sacerdotalism[obs]; bigotry &c. (obstinacy) 606, (prejudice) 481; blue laws.

hardening, backsliding, declension, perversion, reprobation.

sinner &c. 949; scoffer, blasphemer; sacrilegist[obs]; sabbath breaker; worldling; hypocrite &c. (dissembler) 548; Tartufe[obs], Mawworm[obs].

bigot; saint [ironically]; Pharisee; sabbatarian[obs], formalist, methodist, puritan, pietist[obs], precisian[obs], religionist, devotee; ranter, fanatic, juramentado[obs].

the wicked, the evil, the unjust, the reprobate; sons of men, sons of Belial, the wicked one; children of darkness.

V. be impious &c. adj., profane, desecrate, blaspheme, revile, scoff; swear &c. (malediction) 908; commit sacrilege.

snuffle; turn up the whites of the eyes; idolize.

Adj. impious; irreligious &c. 989; desecrating &c.v.; profane, irreverent, sacrilegious, blasphemous.

un-hallowed, un-sanctified, un-regenerate; hardened, perverted, reprobate.

hypocritical &c. (false) 544; canting, pietistical[obs], sanctimonious, unctuous, pharisaical, overrighteous[obs], righteous over much.

bigoted, fanatical; priest-ridden.

Adv. under the mask of religion, under the cloak of religion, under the pretense of religion, under the form of religion, under the guise of religion.

Phr. giovane santo diavolo vecchio[It].