Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 987 (Piety)

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#987. Piety.-- N. piety, religion, theism, faith; religiousness, holiness &c. adj.; saintship[obs]; religionism[obs]; sanctimony &c. (assumed piety) 988; reverence &c. (respect) 928; humility, veneration, devotion; prostration &c. (worship) 990; grace, unction, edification; sanctity, sanctitude[obs]; consecration.

spiritual existence, odor of sanctity, beauty of holiness.

theopathy[obs], beatification, adoption, regeneration, conversion, justification, sanctification, salvation, inspiration, bread of life; Body and Blood of Christ.

believer, convert, theist, Christian, devotee, pietist[obs]; the good, the righteous, the just, the believing, the elect; Saint, Madonna, Notre Dame[Fr], Our Lady.

the children of God, the children of the Kingdom, the children of the light.

V. be pious &c. adj.; have faith &c. n.; believe, receive Christ; revere &c. 928; be converted &c.

convert, edify, sanctify, keep holy, beatify, regenerate, inspire, consecrate, enshrine.

Adj. pious, religious, devout, devoted, reverent, godly, heavenly- minded, humble, pure, holy, spiritual, pietistic; saintly, saint-like; seraphic, sacred, solemn.

believing, faithful, Christian, Catholic.

elected, adopted, justified, sanctified, regenerated, inspired, consecrated, converted, unearthly, not of the earth.

Phr. ne vile fano[It]; "pure-eyed Faith . . . thou hovering angel girt with golden wings" [Milton].