Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 984 (Heterodoxy)

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#984. Heterodoxy. [Sectarianism.]-- N. heterodoxy; error &c. 495; false doctrine, heresy, schism; schismaticism[obs], schismaticalness; recusancy, backsliding, apostasy; atheism &c. (irreligion) 989[obs].

bigotry &c. (obstinacy) 606; fanaticism, iconoclasm; hyperorthodoxy[obs], precisianism[obs], bibliolatry[obs], sabbatarianism[obs], puritanism; anthropomorphism; idolatry &c. 991; superstition &c. (credulity) 486; dissent &c. 489.

sectarism[obs], sectarianism; noncomformity[obs]; secularism; syncretism[obs], religious sects.

protestantism, Arianism[obs], Adventism, Jansenism, Stundism[obs], Erastianism[obs], Calvinism, quakerism[obs], methodism, anabaptism[obs], Puseyism, tractarianism[obs], ritualism, Origenism, Sabellianism, Socinianism[obs], Deism, Theism, materialism, positivism, latitudinarianism &c.

High Church, Low Church, Broad Church, Free Church; ultramontanism[obs]; papism, papistry; monkery[obs]; papacy; Anglicanism, Catholicism, Romanism; popery, Scarlet Lady, Church of Rome, Greek Church.

paganism, heathenism, ethicism[obs]; mythology; polytheism, ditheism[obs], tritheism[obs]; dualism; heathendom[obs].

Judaism, Gentilism[obs], Islamism, Islam , Mohammedanism, Babism[obs], Sufiism, Neoplatonism, Turcism[obs], Brahminism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sabianism, Gnosticism, Hylotheism[obs], Mormonism; Christian Science.

heretic, apostate, antichrist[obs]; pagan, heathen; painim[obs], paynim[obs]; giaour[obs]; gentile; pantheist, polytheist; idolator.

schismatic; sectary, sectarian, sectarist[obs]; seceder, separatist, recusant, dissenter; nonconformist, nonjuror[obs].

bigot &c. (obstinacy) 606; fanatic, abdal[obs], iconoclast.

latitudinarian, Deist, Theist, Unitarian; positivist, materialist; Homoiousian[obs], Homoousian[obs], limitarian[obs], theosophist, ubiquitarian[obs]; skeptic &c. 989.

Protestant; Huguenot; orthodox dissenter, Congregationalist, Independent; Episcopalian, Presbyterian; Lutheran, Calvinist, Methodist, Wesleyan; Ana[obs], Baptist; Mormon, Latter-day Saint[obs], Irvingite, Sandemanian, Glassite, Erastian; Sublapsarian, Supralapsarian[obs]; Gentoo, Antinomian[obs], Swedenborgian[obs]; Adventist[obs], Bible Christian, Bryanite, Brownian, Christian Scientist, Dunker, Ebionite, Eusebian; Faith Curer[obs], Curist[obs]; Familist[obs], Jovinianist, Libadist[obs], Quaker, Restitutionist[obs], Shaker, Stundist, Tunker &c.[obs]; ultramontane; Anglican[obs], Oxford School; tractarian[obs], Puseyite, ritualist; Puritan.

Catholic, Roman, Catholic, Romanist, papist. Jew, Hebrew, Rabbinist, Rabbist[obs], Sadducee; Babist[obs], Motazilite;

Mohammedan, Mussulman, Moslem, Shiah, Sunni, Wahabi, Osmanli.

Brahmin[obs], Brahman[obs]; Parsee, Sufi, Buddhist; Magi, Gymnosophist[obs], fire worshiper, Sabian, Gnostic, Rosicrucian &c.

Adj. heterodox, heretical; unorthodox, unscriptural, uncanonical; antiscriptural[obs], apocryphal; unchristian, antichristian[obs]; schismatic, recusant, iconoclastic; sectarian; dissenting, dissident; secular &c, (lay) 997.

pagan; heathen, heathenish; ethnic, ethnical; gentile, paynim[obs]; pantheistic, polytheistic.

Judaical, Mohammedan, Brahminical[obs], Buddhist &c.n.; Romish, Protestant &c.n.

bigoted &c. (prejudiced) 481, (obstinate) 606; superstitious &c. (credulous) 486; fanatical; idolatrous &c. 991; visionary &c. (imaginative) 515.

Phr. "slave to no sect" [Pope]; superstitione tollenda religio non tollitur [Lat][Cicero].